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The Physical Mechanical Design Glossary


Can you communicate mechanically? If you plan to hire a 3D model designer, use these physical mechanical design terminologies to express yourself more effectively in the English design language.



Annulus (ring) cylinder jaw shoe
Apron dasher (plunger, churn) jib (crane arm) shoulder
Arbor (shaft) detent lagging (support) skeleton
arm device leg sleeve
arm die lip snorkel
band disparate (dissimilar) list (margin strip) spar (pole support)
barrel diversion lobe spline (projection on shaft)
bascale (seesaw) doctor blade (scraper) magazine spoke
base dog (holder) mandrel (tapered axle) sprag (spoke stop)
beam drum manifold spur
cantilever echelon (staggered line) marginate (w/margin) stanchion
belt element medium station
bib enclosure member stay
blade fence (stop on tool) mullion (dividing strip) stem
blower fillet (narrow strip) nacelle (pod) stent (stretcher)
board fin neck step
body finger object stepped
boom finial panel stile (dividing strip)
boss (projection) flange particle stop
bougie (body-insertion member) fluke (triangular part) partition strake (ship plank)
boule (pear shaped) flute (groove on shaft) piece strip
branch frame piston strut
breech (back part) frit (vitreous substance) placket (slit in garment) tang (shank, tool)
bellevile (taper washer) frustrum (cut-off area) platform tine
billet (block of material) furcate (branch) plug tip
canard (front wing) futtock (curved ship timber) pontoon tongue
carriage femoral portion trace (pivoted rod)
case guage post tracery (scrolling)
chord generatrix (path traced) projection track
cincture (encircling band) gnomon (sundial upright) purlin (horiz. rafter support) trave (crossbar)
clew (sail part) grommet pylon (support) truss
column gudgeon (pivot) rib tuft
configuration gusset (triangular insert) ring turret
container handle rod tuyere (air pipe)
conveyor head sash (frame) upright
cornice (horiz. top of structure) header (base, support) screed (guide strip) volar (palm, sole)
cover homologous scroll wall
cylinder housing sear (catch) warp
diaphragm (membranous) hub substrate (underlying support) woof (weft)
populated hem strike plate pillow block
coining jacket shim groung lug
drape plate palate predicate part
Mounting and Fastening
attach engage universal joint scarf (notched joint)
billet (tip of belt) fay (join) keeper screw
bolt ferrule (barrel) key seam
busing ferruminate (attach,solder) latch seat
cable fix lock secure
cleat (reinforcer) gland (sliding holder) lug set
clevis (U-shaped pin) guy wire matrix sliding
connection harp (lamp shade support) mount solder
couple hold nail springably
coupling holder nut support
demountably hook pin thrust
docking imbricate (regular overlap) ribband (holds ribs) weld
dowel joint rivet symbiotic
thread engagement pillow block
air compressed compression relaxed
bias elastic tension resistent
bias element expanded leaf springably
coil helical press torsion
argument equation modulo rpower
compound formula multiplicand product
difference index multiplicity quotient
dividend lemma multiplier tremainder
divisor minuend plurality subtrahend
Placement (relation)
adjacent divided meshing sandwich
adhesion (dissimilar substance join) edge mesial (between) section
aft engaged normal slant
aligned evert (inside out) oblique spacer
angle extended obtuse staggered
aposition (facing) external offset superimposed
array face open supported
attached fiducial (reference) opposed surface
axial film overlapping surrounding
bottom fore parallel symmetrical
close horizontal perpendicular tilt
complementary integral positioned top
cohesion (same substance join) intermediate projecting vermier (9:10 gauge)
concentric internal prolapsed (out of place) vertical
contiguous interposed proximal
contracted juxtaposed reference
course layer removable
crest located resting
disposed lower rim
distal mating row
aperture filister (groove) mortise (cut out) slit
bore foramen (opening) nock (notch on arrow) slot
cavity fossa (depression) notch sulcus (groove)
chamber gain (notch) opening ullage (lost liquid)
concavity gap orfice via (path)
cutout groove passage void
dimple hole placket (garment slit)
duct hollow rabbet (groove)
embrasure (slant opening) intaglinated (engraved) raceway
engraved lumen (bore of tube) separation
acclivity (slope) crest lozenge (diamond shaped) spica (overlapping reverse spirals)
acicular (needle shaped) crimp mammilated (nippleshaped) square
agonic (no angle) crispate (curled) notch stamped
annular cup oblate (flattened) striated (grooved or ridged)
anticline (peak) cusp (projection) oblong swagged (flattened)
anticlastic cylinder ogive (pointed arch) swale (depression)
arch depression orb (globe) syncline (V-shaped)
arcuate dihedral (two-faced) oval taper terminus (end)
barrel direction parabolic tessellated (tiled)
bevel disc parallelogram thill (horse joiner stake)
bifurcated (2 branches) dome plane topology (amorphous)
bight (bend) drawing (pulling out) prolate (cigar-shaped) tram (on wheels)
bucket elliptical rectangular trefoil (three-leaved)
buckled fairing (streamlined) reticulated (grid-like) triangular
chamfer (beveled) fin rhomboid (non-parallel sides) trihedral (3-sided)
channel flange rhombus (not lozenge) trough
circular fold round tubular
coin fork salient (standing out) tumescence (detumescence)
concave fossa (groove) serrated turbinate (top/spiral shaped)
conical fundus (base) setaceous (bristle-like) twist
convex furcate (branched) sheet upset (distorted)
convoluted (curled in) helical shelf vermiculate (worm-eaten)
corner (inside, outside) hook sinusoidal volute (spiral)
corrugated incurvate (curved in) slab wafer
clastic (detachable pieces) inflection (a fold or diffraction) spherical web
egress (a way out) ingress (entrance) reciprocal (mirror) wedge
line xyresic (razor sharp)
Materials & Properties
adhesivive flexible pied (splotched) shirred (gathered)
concrete foraminous plastic smectic (cleaning)
cork haptic (sense of touch) porous stratified (layered)
dappled (spotted) humectant (moistener) prill strong
denier (gauge) insulation refractory sturdy
dense liquid resilient translucent
elastic material rigid transparent
enlarged metal rubber wood
fabric nappy sand xerotic (dry)
fiber opaque screen
astigmatic fresnel opaque schlieren (streaks)
bezel lamp pellicle translucent
bulb light pellucid (clear) transmission
fluorescent beam reflection transparent
incandescent ray refraction window
Fluid Flow
accumulator diaghragm outlet -vane
afferent (to center) discharge pipe sparge (spray)
aspirator dispenser plunger sprue (vent tube)
bellows efferent (away from center) port tube
bibb (valve) filter -inlet valve
bung (hole or stopper) fitting -outlet -ball
cock (valve) flue pump -check
conduit gasket -centrifugal -control
connector hose -gear -gate
convection hydraulic -piston -shutoff
cylinder medium -reservoir wattle (intertwined wall)
-piston navicular (like boat) -seal weir (dam)
-rod nozzle -siphon wicket (gate or door)
dashpot obturator (blocker) -tank
adder flip flop motor Shottky diode
amplifier gate (AND, OR, etc.) multiplier socket
astable impedance multivibrator solenoid
capacitance inductance oscillator switch
clipping insulator pixel (CRT spot) terminal
conductor integrated circuit power supply thermistor
contact laser raster transformer
control element lead read-and-write memory transistor
demodulator light emitting diode read-only memory transformer
diode line chord resistance transistor
electrode liquid crystal sampling triode
electromagnet maser Schmitt trigger valve
filament memory shift register varistor
alternate epicyclic (on circle) machine terminating
articulate (jointed) extensible meeting toggle
avulsion (tear away) extrude nutate (to and fro) torque
cam grinding pressing traction
compression impact propelling transverse
cyclic inclined plane pulverize traversing
detent (click) inertia sagging triturate (grind to powder)
downward interval sequacious (regular) trochoid (roll on circle)
draft (pull) lag severing urging

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