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What are some questions you should ask when hiring a 3D modeler?

When hiring a professional 3D modeler, here are some questions you should consider asking:

Can you show me some of your previous work, especially work that is relevant to what I need?

What software do you use to create your 3D models?

What is your process for creating a 3D model? Can you walk me through it step-by-step?

What is your experience with creating different types of 3D models, such as organic models, hard surface models, and architectural models?

Have you worked with clients before? How do you handle communication and feedback during the project?

What is your understanding of file formats and how to optimize a model for its intended use (such as 3D printing or real-time rendering)?

What is your approach to handling revisions and changes during the modeling process?

How do you ensure that your models are optimized for performance and won’t cause issues in a larger project?

Can you give me an idea of your pricing structure and timeline for completing a project?

Do you have any questions or concerns about the project that you’d like to discuss further?

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