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Hiring a Drafter Problem Mix


Hiring a CAD product design drafter utilizing a “Problem Mix” approach is most effective.  This problem mix is simply learning important aspects of a design.  Determine which things are most important and let those things govern your decisions about a problem first.

Every design problem has some areas which are more important than others.  Once the different parameters of the design are determined then they are rated according to importance. Using a problem mix approach is like setting priorities.  An office chair might need to be designed to:

  • Look good
  • Be no bigger than
  • Be easily movable
  • Cost less then $
  • Be used behind a certain size desk
  • Be durable
  • Be stored easily
  • Utilize specific colors

And when rated according to consumer importance it becomes much easier to design the very best chair to meet the needs:

  1. Look good
  2. Be used behind a desk
  3. Be easily movable
  4. Be Durable
  5. Be no bigger than
  6. Cost less than $
  7. Be stored easily
  8. Utilize specific colors



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