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The Creative Process Flow

Phase Zero


Presearch, search, research

Deliverables identified

Competitive analysis and strategic listening initiated

Technology requirements, delivery platforms and media discussed Project plan developed


Phase 1


Concepts, inventions and visualizations created

Ergonomics and human interface investigated

Engineering layouts produced and detailed foam models created

Materials and manufacturing methods evaluated

Audio, navigation mapping and programming needs outlined

Content and architecture defined

Concepts created and selected


Phase 2


Design Initiated

Proof of Concept

Concept refinement and validation

Animations, color comps and control drawings produced

Finished appearance models rconceptual prototypes produced

3D CAD surfaces, tooling and vendor sourcing developed

User testing initiated


Phase 3


Going to production

Make It So

Final artwork prepared and production specifications outlined

Tooling quotes and cost of materials gathered

Third-party vendor bids processed

Videography, audio composition and recording completed

Programming development and user testing continued


Phase 4


Testing 1…2…3

Tooling and vendor management coordinated

Pre-production builds coordinated

Assembly documentation created and quality standards set

“First articles” created and production approved

Final programming and user testing


Phase 5


Going to market

Manufacturing/production ramp-up

Final resolution of production issues

Final tooling and site (www) implementation


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