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Why Your Product Needs 3D Product Design

3D product design is all about saving money on a project. Your company is creating a product, and at some point in the process, you will need a 3D representation of that product so you can see the design up close and personal and determine if the design will appeal to consumers. Getting a 3D product design early in the process helps you find errors in design or attributes that will hinder your product’s ability to sell and negatively affect your bottom line. You can do all the tests you want when the product is in the idea phase, but until you have a 3D representation, you will not see the potential pitfalls. As the assembly of products get more complex, understanding the relationship between all of the moving parts of your product becomes more essential to the functionality and overall design of your product.

In order to produce a 3D design of your product, it is important to have the necessary tools. Software such as Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Works are able to capture the product’s design in 3D, showing how all parts interrelate, and assure that the product will be assembled correctly the first time, avoiding costly prototyping and extensive testing. This software enables engineers to virtually test all of the working parts of their products without remaking prototypes endlessly, and wasting budget funds. No matter how many moving parts a product has, both Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Works allow users to tweak the design of their products if necessary, and understand their products better.

Illustrative Designs allows clients to use Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Works to ensure that their products will be ready when it comes time to assemble them. Engineers and designers who use Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Works to model their products save big money when developing their products. Because of our access to top notch 3D modeling software, Illustrative Designs has the best 3D product design services in Colorado.

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